The Difference between Winning and Losing
4x kill its all coming up explodey
sneak attack clear the point
Mystery Heroes watch out widow…fun
never should have worked 3xkill
in the mix & in your face
i am not afraid
M Vs M no winners
dorado potg But Junk is Dead anyway
low grav 3x rip tire right in it
4x potg Try to stay alive but sometimes Dying is worth it
blizzard world quintuple kill
4xkill potg
anubis kill them all and take the point back
watchpoint gibralter potg
4xkill game winner Lesson learned
POTG 2xkill 3xkill team kill Total mayhem
5x riptire kill
rialto potg in the middle of the action
potg owning the end
wht should have been potg clear pt to win
numbani potg
nepal failed rip tire but 3x kill anyway
nepal 4xkill cleared the point won the round
Bastion can be ridiculous
first round won
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