Behind the Shot – Sailboat

Behind the Shot – Sailboat

In 2011 up at our cabin on Lake Michigan we had a sailboat and I had been wanting all week to get that boat out when the sun was setting to get some cool sailboat shots. All week we had put it off because it was either not a good sunset or for some other reason. This particular night (the second to last night we were going to be there) there was basically no wind. Well, you cant very well have a sailboat sail when there is no wind. But I was able to get my father and Brother-in-law to take it out anyway So I could get my shots. He and brad ended up paddling the sailboat as it would not “sail” because as I said there was NO wind. When he agreed to take it out we did not have any idea the Sunset would be one of those perfect sunsets.

Brisk sailing captured at sunset
Sail away
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