Behind the shot – Birds

Behind the shot – Birds


This was shot while I was up at our cabin on Lake Michigan. I have a problem with simple regular just the sun sunset pictures. Unless the clouds make it interesting just the sun setting is quite boring to me. If you look at most of the images I shoot very few have just the sun. On this particular day, it was pretty clear the only sunset shot to be had was just the sun. So I set out to figure out another angle. I had no idea what that angle might be at the time but I knew it wasn’t going to simply be the sun.

As I was walking down the beach I noticed the birds some on the lake some on the beach but anytime anyone got close to them they would hightail it out of there. This became the shot, find a way to get the birds to take off and get the sunset. It was a sight to see cause I kept running down the beach frightening the birds to get them to fly. I am sure several people did not know what to think of me.

To be totally honest here this is actually a combination of two different shots I took that day with just a bit of digital editing to get them right where I wanted them.

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